Tinker Toy
Health Guarantee

To the best of my knowledge, at
time of sale. The customer has a health guarantee
until 48 hours after
receiving the puppy in which to have the puppy
checked by a licensed veterinarian and is urged to do
so. If the veterinarian finds anything seriously
wrong with the puppy, it will be exchanged for
another puppy of equal value, provided a letter from
the examining veterinarian is offered as evidence of
the puppy's illness. This letter and the puppy must be
received by myself within the above mentioned
guaranteed period.

Seller guarantees this dog to be free of serious,
life-threatening genetic conditions, i.e. , heart
murmur, severe hip & elbow dysplasia, and
pathological spinal disorder. If any such condition is
found and proven in writing from a licensed
veterinarian and substantiated by lab tests and/or
x-rays, puppy may be returned to Seller for credit
toward another puppy. Minor, breed related, and
treatable or correctable conditions, or any condition
which could go away or is considered to be a condition
which a puppy will likely outgrow
are not covered. Buyer(s) is responsible for vet bills
incurred prior to return and transportation
cost to return. Genetic Conditions guarantee is in
effect until puppy reaches One Year of age.

The buyer understands that a toy breed puppy is an
extremely fragile creature and that additional care
will be needed to insure the health and well being of
the puppy. Young puppies can be prone to
hypoglycemia condition of low blood sugar.
Hypoglycemia can be brought on by stress, strenuous
exercise, over handling, but most often it is brought
on by a failure to eat a sufficient amount of good
quality food. Puppies become depressed when first
taken away from their mom and litter mates. They
need to be monitored and encouraged to eat
and drink. They need lots of TLC. Some signs of
hypoglycemia are pale grayish gums, instead of bright
pink gums, overall weakness, a wobbly gait, anorexia,
and in some sever cases seizures. If seizures occur,
Karo syrup or honey rubbed on the gums often
reverses the condition temporarily. Bring the
puppy to your vet ASAP. Problems arising from
Hypoglycemia, malnutrition, and dehydration
are not covered under the terms of this contract. It is
the buyer's responsibility to properly care for and
observe the condition of their puppy.

The seller assumes no responsibility for this puppy
after the 48 hr time frame for having the puppy
checked by a licensed veterinarian; medical expenses,
mortality, landlord's disapproval, allergy to animals,
disagreement of family, or for any other reason.
Deposits are NON refundable. If you have put a
deposit on a puppy and want me to hold the puppy,I
have taken very special care of him or her for you.
The puppy was held only for you and will be sold to no
one else! Not responsible for Hypoglycemia